Our Poor Garden: Hit by a Hailstorm

So I was working on the Homestead Digital Media Services site when the hailstorm started. I was not a very happy camper this afternoon. I shot two videos which you can see below. I’m sad about this.  I didn’t even go out into the back yard to see how bad it was. I’ll check everything in the morning.

Anyway here is the videos from the hailstorm.



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How to Ferment Zucchini Pickles Your Family Will Love

Why ferment zucchini pickles? If you have a garden, you likely have a problem common to many of us. Too much squash. You’ve fixed it a hundred different ways. Friends and family have gotten their share, and yet it’s still coming. So what to do with it? Continue reading →

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Want Great Gifts From Sale Barn Cafe? Shop Now

We have been very busy as of late. We have a new project we are proud to present to you. Sale Barn Cafe now has an online store where you can shop for great gift items designed by Pam and I. Our new shop is powered by CafePress.

CafePress is one of the leading online retailer specializing in on demand customization. It is a great channel for monetizing a website or blog. All you need is some great art work or photography and you can get started at CafePress.

Shop Our Unique Gift Collections

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Gardening: Happy Feeling You Get When It’s Planted

For me one of the things about gardening is that happy feeling I get when it’s planted. The hard work of planning, preparing soil and sowing seed is done. I get excited when I walk through the garden and see a new sprout or new growth on the transplanted plants. It’s the feeling that when harvest time comes, it is so going to be worth it. There is still plenty of work to be done, but that in itself is rewarding too.

Happy Feeling!

This is the long side of our garden.

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It’s Memorial Day: Seven Reasons War is Hell

It’s Memorial day again. It has become the unofficial start of summer. many people spend Memorial day weekend with family and friends outdoors. But let us not forget what Memorial day is really about. It is a day to remember those who have fought and those who have died for our country.

It's Memorial Day: Seven Reasons War is Hell

My grandfather in Honolulu in 1942.

I have been the keeper of my grandfathers photo album from his time in the Navy during World War II for several years. My goal is to eventually publish most of the pictures he took during his time in service to our country. He did not die during the war, but it had a profound effect on him throughout his life. So this Memorial day I wanted to share just seven pictures he took on the beach at Saipan. The pages in his album are titled: Seven Reasons War is Hell. Please remember that our veterans see horrific things in war and it has serious effects. Remember their sacrifice that we may live free. Remember that sometimes war is just, but that we should always strive more towards peace.

WARNING: If you click-through to see the pictures, please remember that these pictures are extremely graphic and depict the results of a brutal historical battle.
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